This black & white photograph shared online that was taken of Middle Street on Grand Turk documented June of 1905, approximately 117 years ago today.
According to some elders, Middle Street use to be a very festive street of Grand Turk, that if you were looking for someone, usually they can be found there.
Being that Middle Street was near Market Street and Front street, areas where you could buy different goods that were brought in by the merchant ships, where the first grocery store market was located, and where the Turks and Caicos Islands highly demanded Sea Salt exportation were found, these streets were filled with life.
In those times children were often found playing island games and singing nursery rhymes on Middle Street with friends and families.
Recently I’ve decided to take modern day pictures of Middle Street, but while there a small group of young boys started playing soccer.
Their guardian give me the approval to take pictures of them having outdoor fun, and just being kids without any electronics glued to their hands.
It was surreal capturing this genuine moment of kids enjoying life here, especially after being told of the many stories of kids playing on this very same street so many years ago.
The building that is situated to the right side is another historical building, but no context plaque were provided by the government for this building relevancy as yet.
According to some elders, when the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force was established in 1799, This historical building was the first Police Station in the Turks and Caicos islands.
It’s currently not occupied & clearly deteriorating like so many other historical buildings on Grand Turk, but I hope with the bill that was recently passed in the House of Assembly, that this building and Middle street will also be revived back to life.

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