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Island Ferry

Currently there are only two domestic flights:

*Caicos Express Airlines

Contact +1 649-941-5730
Office hours Mon-Sat 8am-4pm
25-30minutes flight
Ticket costs vary per adult
($60- $90 one way)
($150-$190 roundtrip)
Flights are only from Providenciales to Grand Turk & South Caicos: Monday -Sunday
8am, 9:15am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm (Some days 5:30pm)
+Chartered flights only to Salt Cay

*Inter-Caribbean Airlines

Contact +1 649-946-3759
Office hours Mon-Sat 8am-4:30pm
25-30 minutes flight
Flights cost vary ($65-$85 one way)
($155-$170 round trip)
Flights only are to Grand Turk Mon-Sunday but vary for South

Ferry from Providenciales:

To Salt Cay by Deep Blue:

Visit the web site
Salt Cay has a ferry that travels once a week to and from Grand Turk.
Also charter boat tours are available.

To North Caicos & Middle Caicos by Caribbean Cruisin’, TCI Ferry:

Visit the web site
Contact +1 649-946-5406
Ticket cost per adult $35 one way ($65 roundtrip)
Kids under 9 years old & under $20 ($40 roundtrip)
Schedule Monday – Saturday
8am, 2pm, 4pm

To South Caicos by TCI Ferry:

Visit the web site
Contact +1 649-946-5406
Operates twice weekly
90 minutes boat ride
$75 per adult and kids under 9years old $50