Credit: Mike Witt
The idea for the “Praying hands” started in 1997. The high bluff was an ideal location to view the Northwest coastline. A large circle of concrete and stone was started. It needed a focal point so Mike Witt began researching various ideas. He had heard about the famous “praying hands of artist Albrecht Durer and thought that this would be fitting and inspirational. The idea was to have a bronze sculpture in the center with stone benches behind the sculpture. This would provide a magnificent view of the coastline and a place to rest and reflect. Several artists were contacted and one in Arizona showed interest and had done several bronze sculptures of the size envisioned. Thus began months of pictures, sketches and reviews. Then, a wax model was made. The final design was a blend of Mike’s hands and the artist. The bronze casting was done in China using the “lost wax process”. Incorporated into the base of the sculpture is a large bar where stainless steel threaded rods were attached and they go through the stone base and far into the circle concrete. They should be there hundreds of years- if not longer. This will depend on the erosion of the bluffs by the sea as several large chunks have crashed into the sea further to the West.