Alfred and Millicent Coverley were salt merchant owners in the early 1800’s, which they contributed greatly to the Turks and Caicos Islands Salt Industry.
The Coverley’s built their dwelling home in the year 1830, which was located next to the Salt Raker Inn.
For years after the passing of the Coverley’s, their home was locally famously named as The Ghost House, because stories claimed to have seen spirits of a small plump one arm white man, which fits the description of Alfred Coverley himself, also voices and footsteps can be heard coming from the property as well.
Unfortunately in December of 2020 the historical house was destroyed by arsonist.
The Duke House site was also once owned by Alfred and Mille Coverley during 1800’s, where they only kept the horses and donkeys that were used to haul salt from the salt ponds near Close Haul Road, that they owned during the Salt Industry era.
Originally there were no dwelling house at this location, just a stable house and a water tank.
In 2006-2007 after new owners purchased the property, the renowned British designer Keith Hobbs known for his work throughout The Turks And Caicos Islands created this home, In which he kept the water tank and the stable house that was formed apart of the dwelling home.
Keith Hobbs thanked Stephen Crawley for his collaboration on the design, Jose Domingo Mora(My father) for general construction, to Paul Liddell that without his skill and dedication this dwelling home would not have been built.
He also thanked many local persons who offered help and encouragement during the building process.
In 2017 this home received damages from the Irma & Maria hurricanes, which then the owners decided to place this property up for sale.
Recently in this year of 2022 new owners has purchased the Duke House property and is currently renovating and restoring it.
Alfred and Millicent Coverley dwelling home property (The Ghost House) is still up for sale.

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